Ms. Pac-Man Latte Brewed By Andrew Alcala

This is one fine latte inspired by Ms. Pac-Man you don’t want to drink so quickly. Well, besides not wanting to accidentally burn your lips.

Ms. Pac-man Latte v.2 by Andrew Alcala

Baby, it’s cold outside – no seriously – like cartoon “icicles forming at the edge of your nose” cold. I need a drink, and a hot one stat. And I’m sure if you live anywhere in the northern half of our beloved country, where recently Jack Frost decided to go all “super beast mode” in your neck of the woods, I bet you could enjoy a warm, soothing beverage after battling the harsh wintery elements.

Then perhaps I could entice you with a delicious latte, a sweet caffeinated brew that’s the delightful mixture of equal parts espresso, coffee, and steamed milk. Oh, but wait, for an added touch of whimsy of the gaming kind, how about a foamy portrait of Ms. Pac-Man – the better half of the Pac-Man marriage if you ask me – drawn on top? Now are you interested?

I’m glad you said “yes” (because if you didn’t, well, there goes my whole drat premise), as I have one such latte in mind and it comes from Andrew Alcala, a clearly experienced barista that designs some mighty awesome-looking drinks in spare time; truly works of latte-based art that you would rather frame on a wall than sip, as doing so would forever ruin their beauty.

Floating Heart Latte by MonkDrew Andrew Alcala

Yeah, okay, I know it’s a bit silly to be fawning over hot drinks (although, being a huge nerd, fawning over frivolous things is kind of in my wheelhouse.) But I’m quite impressed by Andrew’s talents; it must take a lot of hard-earned skill to shape liquid – hot liquid, too – into something resembling a familiar form like Ms. Pac-Man up above or any of his other carefully crafted lattes that you can see over at his deviantART page.

Which, I may add, you should totally do. We here at Walyou are keen to shine a spotlight on unheralded artists across the Internet, bright folks who do the majority of their craft out of love and usually without pay – clever displays such as steampunk armguards with a bluetooth keyboard or super geeky Christmas decorations.