Record Breaking Klingon Wedding Held at UK Star Trek Con

How do you say, “I do” in Klingon? Whatever language it is, this lucky Swedish couple said their vows and tied the knot last October 19 at the UK Star Trek Convention. This event both made history as well as broke a world record! Now that is a one-of-a-kind wedding which the bride and groom will never forget.

Uk Klingon Wedding

Jossie Sockertopp said yes to her fiance Sonnie Gustavsson in grand Klingon fashion, complete with facial prosthetics, wigs, and costumes in the first Star Trek Convention held in the UK for more than 10 years. According to BBC news, this special occasion held at the London Excel Centre also broke records as being the first ever Klingon wedding in the country, as well as the largest wedding to be attended by the most number of participants in Star Trek attire. The lucky couple was selected from several entries at the convention, and their prize was a celebration that made history.

The bride and groom exchanged their vows in Klingon, with the pastor also mentioning some parts of the ceremony in Klingon. Another unique addition to the celebration included a mock sword fight between the newly-wedded Mr. and Mrs. Gustavsson. This was a symbol of the struggle between the hearts of the male and female Klingon race. Of course, what wedding wouldn’t be complete without a cake? Their special Star Trek cake was a replica of the Borg Cube — geeky and sweet at the same time.

Another milestone at the UK Star Trek Convention was the reunion of all the five Star Trek captains, portrayed by actors Sir Patrick Stewart, William Shatner, Scott Bakula, Avery Brooks, and Kate Mulgrew. This was their second reunion ever, and the very first reunion outside the US. The captains’ special appearance was in celebration of the five decades of the successful Star Trek franchise.

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Via: The Daily Mail