Knot Tattoo Is Simple but Gruesome

One of the craziest ways of getting people’s attention is to get a weird tattoo and flaunt it around.

Shoten Tattoos in Saint Astier, France specializes in such designs and the latest one from the house seems to be inspired by a knot that has been blown apart by wind.

At closer inspection, the tattoo resembles a python that has swallows a horned mammal, due to which its inner lining has torn along, while swallowing the hard edged animal. Whoever had the guts to get this inked on their skin must have endured a lot of pain, as the design seems not only intricate and complex, but also begins at the end of shoulder and runs all along the arm until the wrist. It is a simple and minimalist design, which says a lot about the importance of remaining structurally simple when it comes to tattoo designs.

The artist has several more designs to offer, and each looks better than the other on his site. Ben seems to be an expert in artistic tattoos that evoke feelings of horrors and despair, while also highlighting the unique ability of humans to endure any sort of pain that is inflicted upon them. You could also go ahead and take a look at the Death Before Decaf Tattoo, which is elaborate. The World Map Tattoo is an interesting take on being responsible.