Take The World Upon Your Shoulders: World Map Tattoos

Nothing is as unique as our planet, the only one we know that hosts life. These ink jobs are tributes to Mother Earth, to tell her how much she means to us. The weird detail, about these, though, is that most of them are strategically placed on people’s shoulders, giving the whole “take the world upon your shoulders” saying a pretty literal meaning… or at least that what Atlas, the Greek Titan said.

A World Without Borders – Pacific Centric


Usually, we tend to get confused when we don’t see Europe and Asia in the middle, but in tattoo form, we can’t help but feel it actually looks cooler this way, making better use of the shoulder blades for contrast (look! They’re marking the Andes and Himalaya!)


A World Without Borders – Europe-Africa Centric


Now this is the version we’re more used to seeing. We like how it still has no borders, though, except for the natural ones like the sea. Also, the artist gets to save ink as he didn’t have to draw the countless islands in the Pacific Ocean. Nice work, pal!

A Round World, Two Hemispheres


Although still without borders, this old style maps would be perfect for any conquistador brave enough to dare the Atlantic while spending the King’s resources. Now, seriously, we can do nothing but commend the artist for this terrific job, it looks fantastic.

Global Muscle Map Tattoo


This Pacific-centric version of the map doesn’t use the shoulder blades for support. Now be careful if you’re the type who likes working out, every time you move that muscle, there’ll be another earthquake somewhere! Not cool, pal, not cool.

The World Is In Your Hands Tattoo


This is another very literal tattoo: the world is in your hands, and it’s your job to make it a better place. Make us all proud.

The World Is In Your… Feet?


Errrr, okay! This works too. Maybe you’re a really skillful soccer/football player, and that’s what the title refers to. Or something. You still get points for being original amongst the originals.

Source: BigThink

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