KodyKoala 1-Ups Himself With Custom Mecha-Luigi Figurine

In addition to the recent outbreak of zombie attacks, it looks like residents of the Mushroom Kingdom now have something else to marvel at. Behold: the giant Mecha-Luigi!

Vinyl designer Donald Kennedy, a.k.a. KodyKoala, has already impressed Walyou readers with his Nintendo-themed zombie pieces, including a brain-noshing Princess Peach, a creepy disemboweled Yoshi, and a Zombie Hunter Toadette figurine. Now he turns the theme to machinery with this piece, a giant vinyl Luigi Mech.

Crafted from a huge 10″ vinyl Luigi and Lego bricks, the larger mechanical Luigi features a hinged door in his chest, and nestled inside is a smaller Luigi figurine seated at the control panel.

The hinging mechanism, which Kennedy was particularly proud of, was created using Lego pieces. This innovative design allows the hatch to open and close neatly, giving the viewer an opportunity to peek inside the figure at the molded “controls.”

As always, Kennedy’s attention to detail is impressive in the extreme. The paint finish on the vinyl looks surprisingly metallic, due in part to the roughed-up areas that appear realistically tarnished.

The addition of little rivets all over Luigi’s body at the “seams” of the creation add to the effect. Inside the body cavity, where the smaller Luigi figure sits, you can see images on screens set into the walls amidst buttons and levers for controlling the metal marvel.

Kennedy had previously created mechanical figures of both Mario and Yoshi. He received so many requests to purchase them that he decided to build this Luigi figure specifically for sale on his eBay account. I’m sorry to say that the figure has already been purchased, so if you’re thinking you’d like one for yourself you’ll have to wait until Kennedy whips up another masterpiece. For now, you can satisfy your desire for more geeky gamer goodness by visiting his Flickr page, where all of his designs are beautifully showcased. Photos via: KodyKoala on Flickr