Mornings with Chewie and the Lego Star Wars Alarm Clock

Any Star Wars aficionado would be delighted to wake up every morning to see the galaxy’s favorite Wookiee. Combine that with the ingenuity of Lego bricks, and you’ve got something even better. Introducing the Lego Star Wars alarm clock – the perfect snooze buster for Chewie fans and Lego collectors alike.

Lego Star Wars Clock

Lego Star Wars Clock Turret

Guaranteed to wake up the young and old alike, this fun alarm clock retails for $28.99. Aside from the usual clock and alarm functions, this Lego novelty item is actually buildable. It comes in 21 pieces, with instructions for building the blaster turret on top of the clock. Plus, get to reenact your favorite Star Wars scenes with the included Chewbacca and Storm Trooper Lego Minifigures.

Lego Star Wars Clock Minifigs

The clock itself features Japanese quartz movement, and the clock face has the image of a Lego Storm Trooper. It takes only one AA battery to power the clock, and the alarm sound gets increasingly louder to ensure that you really will get up from bed. The Lego Star Wars alarm clock also has a small back light so you can check the time in the dark, or in case you need to check if your Wookiee is still guarding you.

Another cool feature of this clock is that you can combine it with other Star Wars themed Lego sets. If you can balance it, why not build an X-wing on top? Or create a ménage of your favorite Star Wars Minifigures from Yoda, to Boba Fett, to Darth Vader. At least Chewie won’t have to be alone with the Storm Trooper.

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