6 Mind-Blowing Star Wars Movie Posters by Tyler Stout and Mondo

These detailed, creative, and classic posters are absolutely mind-blowing, whether it be shown to an avid Star Wars collector, a student with empty walls, a science fiction geek, a comic-con fan, or a regular person that has had the fortune to watch the original Star Wars trilogy. Everyone will be able to appreciate the thought put into these beauties.

I thought the original film posters were all very well-done. The comic book covers, and even the unofficial covers, I enjoyed. When I first laid eyes on Mondo’s line of movie posters, I naturally took a liking to them. But oh man, when I saw these posters by a movie poster artist named Tyler Stout, I had to sit very still and look intently at them to fully take on what they were all about.

Tyler Stout's Star WarsFor example, at first glance, the poster already makes a great impression. It has a very classical feel, and the effort can be seen in the lining and cleanness of the image. But upon closer inspection, I started noticing many little things: the realism of Grand Moff Tarkin’s thoroughly lined face, the shading and lines on Darth Vader’s helmet, the inclusion of Skywalker home on Tatooine, and the Death Star in the back and all the little Tie Fighters and X-Wings.

Tyler Stout's Star Wars

The posters are laid out pretty simply themselves. They have five frames, either at the top or the bottom with faces of five significant characters in each film. Then, the big frame is in the middle, which is a very clean montage of all the memorable characters in each of the films. Not only this, but there are occasionally different costumes on two different characters; for example, in the first poster shown in this post, you will see Luke Skywalker with a lightsaber and in his X-Wing pilot costume and helmet.

Tyler Stout's Empire Strikes Back

There are red and yellow variants of each of the three, which brings the total to six posters by Tyler Stout. Certain characters are colored depending on the scheme; for example, the Emperor’s elite guards jump out in the red variant, whereas in the yellow variant they seem to be more subtle. Funny thing, I noticed that in the  yellow variant of the Return of the Jedi poster, Stout tweaked the title to “Revenge of the Jedi”.

Tyler Stout's Empire Strikes Back

Lucas originally named the film “Revenge of the Jedi,” as “Return of the Jedi” sounded too weak according to an editor. There’s also a “Revenge of the Jedi” poster selling for around $599.00 USD, so I’m assuming that’s not a bunch of Bantha fodder. Either way, it’s a cool touch and sets the poster apart from the other Return of the Jedi ones out there.

Tyler Stout's Return of the Jedi

Tyler Stout's Revenge of the Jedi

Don’t even hesitate; head over to Mondo Tees soon, as they will be released on 12/31/2010 at “a random time”.

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Via: Slashfilm