Leatherwork At Its Most Frightening

Etsy is well-known for its practical DIY projects and stunning art, but how many items can you actually wear on Halloween?

User EpicLeather of Mississippi is no stranger to masquerading, so his compelling leather artwork has become quite popular for leather afficianados and costume-lovers alike.

Leather Helm

The Dragon King leather helm in particular is an example of his more provocative work. Epic also loves to include bone or bone-like features in his pieces as you can see by the five enormous horns sticking out of this demonic face and head. Not to mention that this mask uses real coyote teeth to scare the living wits out of you.

Leather Helm Back

Even the back of the mask brings your mind back to the gates of Mordor with beastly layers of jagged-edged leather, almost mimicking TMNT’s own Shredder. The horns just add to the effect, also bringing to mind William Blake’s “The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun”.

The piece is made out of vegetable-tanned leather and has straps to adjust proper fit. You can snatch up this newage costume masterpiece yourself for $199.99 and $39.99 shipping in the U.S.

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