Steve Jobs Immortalized in Etsy Painting

Artist Amanda O’Brien created this piece of artwork inspired by Apple and Steve Jobs.

Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs have always been a topic of remarkable speculation. From a design standpoint, Apple has always striven for innovation and excellence. From a marketing standpoint, experts are baffled and intrigued by how Apple manages to penetrate the market so easily and quickly with the introduction of new products and skipping the early adopter market. From a more mystical standpoint, everyone is observing how Jobs is tied to the success of Apple. Could it be a coincidence? Can it be replicated? These questions are being tossed out to the world, especially with Jobs’ health in question.

Steve Jobs Painting Overview

I’ve personally experienced the transition. It started off with the iPod Video that I got for Christmas probably around five years ago. Up til then, I’d used Macs and liked them. In fact, I’d say I loved them quite dearly, but my parents were more about function and budget than form and design. So we stuck with Windows, and all was good until that iPod that required me to start using iTunes. iTunes is not swell on Windows — in fact, I have a theory that it’s designed that way to pique Windows users’ curiosity about iTunes on a Mac.

Apple buttons

The genius behind Apple is Steve Jobs, the man who followed his heart and studied Calligraphy in college. I’ve personally always admired Steve Jobs, and I wish him all the best in health and family. I hope that they stay well and that paparazzi don’t bother him too much.

Painting Side View

I like that O’Brien was inspired by Apple and Steve Jobs, and how she portrayed it was interesting. The stuff coming out of Steve Jobs’ head are, in some way or another, all his handiwork. The tagline is Apple’s own “Think Different”, but I think the double-meaning, more literal connotation, serves the painting very well.

Steve Jobs Closeup

The black and white picture of Steve Jobs captures his likeness well, with the black turtleneck and glasses and all. The brown textured background seems to be a signature of O’Brien’s, who is a seasoned artist.

I’ve ordered from Etsy before, although my item was certainly not as pricey. If you’ve got $850 to invest and you’re looking for something to capture your role model Steve Jobs, have a look at this painting over at Etsy.

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