Legend of Zelda Hyrule Royal Banknotes

Zelda’s gem-based currency goes the paper route with these pretty fan-designed bills.

One Rupee Hylian Banknote by G33k1nd159153 image

Imagine a theme park of sorts based on The Legend of Zelda. Cool, I know – I’d go to there in a heartbeat. Now imagine what kind of fake currency you would need to ride Epona’s Speedy Steeplechase or to buy a Red Potion smoothie from the Milk Bar.

Using Zelda’s traditional Rupees would be an awesome nod to one of Nintendo’s biggest flagship series, but how about instead we go with these sweet paper Hyrule banknotes created by Ash, a deviantART member by the hacker-alias of G33k1nd159153.

Five Rupee Hylian Banknote by G33k1nd159153 image

The Princess Zelda note is one of my favorites out of this bunch.

Twenty Rupee Hylian Banknote by G33k1nd159153 image

Ash designed 1, 5, 20, 50 priced notes that look great and each feature their own figurehead from the Zelda universe with Link obviously taking the 1 Rupee banknote. He’s saved Hyrule countless of times, so he totally deserves it.

If you look closely there’s even a shout out to Legend of Zelda creator – and creator of almost all games under the Nintendo umbrella – Shigeru Miyamoto with his signature printed on each of Ash’s faux currency, an excellent touch.

Fifty Rupee Hylian Banknote by G33k1nd159153 image

Be sure to give some love to Ash for his creation by visiting his deviantART page and stick with Walyou for more of the latest geekery from the Internet like plush arcade machines and the latest Apple news about the iPhone 6.