Beautiful Crayon Portrait

Crayons are usually used to  draw and color, but in this case they are used as tools to create. It took Herb Williams, the artist that made this beautiful crayon portrait, about 2 months and about 25,000 crayons to complete.

This portrait was requested by a man as for a 52 wedding anniversary present for his wife Janet. Janet had no idea that this is what her husband was planing for their celebration, and was very surprised once he reveled it at their party in front of the entire family. The portrait is based on an old photograph from the early 60’s of Janet.  I think that the outcome is absolutely  beautiful, colorful and vibrant. I also love the fact that artist took the time to add the Crayon background as well, since it gives the portrait an extra touch and really makes Janet pops.

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Via Mymodernmet