Austin Powers: 90s Spoofs Just Won’t LEGO

Austin Powers was a hit film series in the 90s, but it hasn’t made any sort of resurgence since the turn of the century.  However, it looks like Angus MacLane is trying to bring back the charming trilogy by making small LEGO replicas of the two main characters in the series .

With porn-worthy titles such as “The Spy Who Shagged Me” (joining the likes of actual porn-spoof titles like American Booty and Flesh Gordon), the Austin Powers films were basically a bunch of raunchy sex-comedies that reminisced and glorified the free-spirited 60s in contrast to what it portrayed as the straight-laced 90s. Of course, the films also poked fun of the clichés found in 1960s spy films, like outlandish plots and shallow characters.

Austin Powers

I think that the best part of this LEGO depiction of the international man of mystery is the fact that MacLane managed to capture Austin Powers’ terribly crooked teeth, which are actually a major plot point in the first movie. The top teeth look normal enough, but the bottom teeth are actually the “bumps” from the LEGO piece that make up his lower jaw

His hair is appropriately shaggy-looking, and his spectacles and blue velour suit have also been included in the model. The ruffliness of his shirt isn’t conveyed due to the limitations of LEGO, but the suit is already quite distinct. It looks like he’s holding either his Swedish “enlarger” or his mojo, though it’s unfortunately hard to be sure which it is, due to the tiny scale of the pieces.

Dr Evil

Dr. Evil is just as easily recognizable, largely because he is bald and always wears the same grey uniform. It even looks like his eyebrow is raised, as it often is when he does his distinct pinkie-to-lips pose. It’s a shame that Dr. Evil’s facial scar isn’t present in the depiction of this character, but it’s understandable – the LEGO pieces are far too large to convey something as small as a scar.

Like with Austin Powers, it’s also hard to tell precisely what he’s holding in his hand, but in this case, I’m almost certain that it’s a tiny replica of Mr. Bigglesworth, his hairless cat. It’s hard to say which of the two characters is more distinct, as they are both such memorable icons from my childhood.

If you’re looking for more classic characters done in this LEGO-pixel art style, the other entries in MacLane’s “Cubedude” series are sure to please you! He’s made a miniature Chuck Norris, Steve Jobs, and even The Dude from The Big Lebowski.