The Colorful and Mysterious Lego Box

Mysteries and puzzles are always intriguing. And when it comes in the form of a box, the suspense grows stronger. With a mystery box staring at you, you will not be able to resist the temptation of opening it. These boxes are created by man and can be solved by man himself (provided you stick to the rules). After all, puzzles have a methodology for solving. Same is the case with the Lego Mystery Box.

The Lego Mystery Box has been created by Todd Wilder using about 8000 Lego pieces. It contains six mysterious compartments and all can be opened by following a particular process. When you look at the box you might not believe the fact that there actually are six compartments in it. However as each one starts unfolding your doubts will be put to rest.

It is definitely mysterious with all the question marks displayed around the box. I am sure it will be enough to tickle your nerves and invite you for at least one try. A single try is sure to get you hooked on to the box till you have opened all compartments or completely exhausted yourself; which ever happens earlier.

Wilder says that he got the ideas for this box when he was requested by his 22 year old nephew to build him a box on lines with an earlier one created by Wilder. However, Wilder wanted to do something different. After a series of efforts and persistent trials, he came up with the Mystery Box. In fact, Wilder himself claims this creation of his to be so complicated that he had to build a prototype of the box with pieces in his ‘pile’ and later go on to create the actual ‘product’. He has taken the help of the Lego Digital Designer and truly acknowledges the support he got from After all he did require a great number of Lego pieces for his creation.

Like all other puzzles this one too is puzzling as long as you do not know the process of solving it. Wilder has been kind enough to reveal all the steps, one by one, for unraveling this mystery. There is also a key which helps open one of the inner compartments. With a little bit of patience and some perseverance, everyone should be able to solve it.

The Lego Mystery Box is brightly colored, attractive looking and mysterious – all the ingredients that are bound to arouse a feeling of desire in every heart. Open its compartments and enter a world of fascinating mysterious creations!

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Via: MOC Pages / Brothers Brick