17 Irresistible Pac-Man Treats

We all love Pac-Man, not only because it is is an awesome video game, but also because it tastes extremely good. If you don’t know what we are talking about, check out these 17 irresistible Pac-Man treats below. There are Pac-Man cakes, Pac-Man cookies, Pac-Man gingerbread, etc. and even Pac-Man Bento box for your appetite.

Pac-Man Bento Box


Including a wide range of ingredients for a nutritious meal, this appetizing Pacman Bento box will not only give you a healthy lunch but also guarantee you brownie points among your colleagues or friends. The box took SnoopyPhantom, its creator, over six hours to complete, and it’s totally worth it.

Pac-Man Rice and Lunch Box



The Mr. Bento Porn contest – a strange name for a foodie contest for sure – saw quite a number of creative recipes, and Pac-Man recipes are among the most amazing. Nadja Robot’s Pac-Man and Pinky rice struck with its oriental style and beautiful Neon coloring, while Zuchinno’s box is more western with salami, pretzels, mayonnaise, and apple jacks.

Pac-Man Cake


Foxdale posted a detailed instruction to make an ultra delicious Pac-Man together with photos on her Flickr page. The Pacman cake needs the basic ingredients like sugar, flour, butter, and eggs, then fondant, butter cream, and gems for decorating.

Pac-Man Cake 2


Andrew Wilson had a bit of nostalgia for his childhood’s favorite video game, and the result was this sweet Pac-Man tribute made up of a Pac-Man cake, Hershey Kisses and a glass of milk. The shining tubes were Photoshop-ed in later and are not edible.

Pac-Man Atari Cake


Baked by MyaLisa for a birthday party, the Pac-Man makes everything related to the video game edible, even the joystick we use to play the game.

Ms. Pac-Man Cake


Melonqueen’s Ms. Pacman cake is a beautiful design that adds a sexy touch to the masculine geek world. It features the famous map of the video game in sassy pink, and Ms. Pac-Man, the ghosts, cherries and dots in 3 dimensions.

Pac-Man Wedding Cake


Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man must be one the cutest and most well-assorted couples in gaming history, thus it’s natural for a couple to chose Pac-Man as the theme for their Pacman wedding cake. The two tier cake features Ms. Pac-Man and Pac-Man kissing each other on top, and the ghosts running around two tiers.

Pac-Man Retro Cake


The retro cake features Pac-Man together with objects that made up pop cultures during the 80s: Rubik’s cube, Ghostbusters the movie and a boombox.

Pac-Man Arcade Game Cake


The Pac-Man arcade game cake defies the conventional wisdom about the shape of a cake: it’s not round, it’s not square, but it looks exactly like a game arcade.

Pac-Man Cupcakes



We have had probably enough of Pac-Man cakes, how about Pac-Man cupcakes? In the first photos are cupcakes from Star Bakery and suitable for any occasion. In the second photo are more Pac-Man cupcakes backed by Picture Perfect Cakes specially for Christmas celebration.

Pac-Man Candy


Pac-Man candies comes as Pacman with orange flavor, or as Blinky with either sour cherry or sour blue raspberry flavor. Just like a chocolate box, you never know what is inside the ghost candy box. If you are lucky, you will get the regular sour cherry ghosts, if not, you’ll get the blue raspberry ones.

Pac-Man Gingerbread


Two of the most popular video games during our childhood have come together in one foodie masterpiece. The Pac-Man and Tetris gingerbread depicts Pac-Man being trapped in maze made out of Tetris blocks.

Pac-Man Truffles


Devianart user Anafuji has successfully trufflized Pac-Man, the four ghosts and the cherries into one super uber cute truffle set. They are so cute that you might not dare to eat them.

Pac-Man Cookies


To celebrate Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary, Circle K Sunkus chain of stores in Japan has started selling Pac-Man buns cookies for ¥120 (about $1.34 USD). Each cookies comes with a tasty filling together almond flavor and cream custard.

Pac-Man Toast


There is no better way to start a playful day with Pac-Man toasted bread. 5Volt’s awesome toaster mods allow him to produce toast that looks like Pac-Man, Space Invader characters.