Holy Blocks! The LEGO Church

Where do geeks pray at? Their altars at home? Are they just atheists? Whatever, we just needed a place to gather, and this looks like a great fit.


This church is in the Netherlands, built out of Legioblocks (that is, actual concrete bricks created to resemble LEGO blocks). The church was created by Michiel de Wit and Filip Jonker in Enschede, for the Grenswerk Festival. We don’t know which god they’re praying to inside, but we’re feeling really curious now. Are they taking new members?

We originally found out about the Lego Church via our pals at Neatorama. Thanks, guys! For more geeky worship/sacrilege, check out the Recreation of the Rila Monastery With Matchsticks and 19 Stained Glass Window Design for the Perfect Geek Mansion.