An Almost Complete Lego Angry Birds Collection

Lego. They are one of the most creative ways to express that artistic side in all of us since we were just little sprats rolling around like drunkards in diapers. Some of the coolest designs in the world come from Lego. There are even Lego stores dedicated to this craze and even Lego amusement parks in California and later this year in Florida.

Angry Birds. They are one of the hottest and most downloaded smart phone games out there. People have already run amok making creative designs out of just about anything to express their love for Angry Birds.

The time has come to combine the two! Lego maniac Chiukeung created a wide array of Angry Bird Lego displays to show on Facebook.  They’ve got just about everything except for the gigantic red bird which is still a work in progress. I’m sure they’ll get it done soon enough.

How can we start this without the classic generic red suicide bomber bird.

For some reason, the yellow bird looks even angrier in Lego form. The little frill on their head came out nicely though.

Awww, how cute. Those are the little blue birds that divide into three birds and splatter their bodies against concrete walls and solid blocks of ice.

This white bird looks way too happy for someone that’s about to push something  equivalent to their size  out of their butts.

While this angry, punk rock piercing beak bird is striking, I can’t help but notice how well done that catapult came out. It is really impressive.

Somehow the artist managed to make a rather remarkable curve on the fuse for this bird.

The sickly green, snickering antagonists even managed a shot at being created for this line of Lego creations.

We here at Walyou know that you love Angry Birds. That’s why we have a broad selection of more Angry Bird crafts just for you.  Here is surefire way to get birds pecking at you with an Angry Birds beanie. Hungry for something adorable? We also have the info on some edible Angry Birds cake toppers. Enjoy!