Awesome Hellboy Cake

“Hellboy” is the underrated comic book anti-hero, but it’s nice to see that enough people have an appreciate of the titular character to post a how-to make this amazing cake.

Hellboy Cake

This cake was designed by tchitwood for the “That Takes the Cake 2011” in Austin, TX. The theme of the cake was superheroes and villains. While tchitwood has only been making themed cakes for only a year, this design came out really well. Hellboy never looked so delicious before from his shorn horns to his stone Right Hand of Doom. He even has a pretty nice six pack going on underneath that yellow jacket.

Hellboy Cake Head

Hellboy Cake Head Side

This project is definitely not for a novice baker, but with enough time, patience, artistic talent, references and right ingredients, you too could have your very own edible Hellboy. The entire thing is edible, naturally, with the head and arms made of rice cereal treats and the rest with Devil’s Food Cake (har har) and covered in fondant. It’s placed a top a wooden plank for support and several wooden dowels in between each layer of cake and fondant to keep the materials from compressing. One of the most impressive things about this cake is that there is no mold used to create the Hellboy cake, it was literally all carved out of the Devil’s Food Cake.

Hellboy Cake Full

While the cake itself might not have won an award at the contest, this is sure to be a huge hit at any party. By following the basic directions you can even move away from Hellboy and create other characters. They don’t even have to be superheroes, you could create a cake sculpture of a friend or loved one. The possibilities are endless.

Hellboy Cake Back

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Via: Instructables