LEGO LOTR Battle of the Hornburg Made with 150,000 Bricks

The Battle of the Hornburg was as impressive in J.R.R. Tolkien’s book as it was in Peter Jackon’s adaptation of Lord of the Rings, but now that it has been done in LEGO, it gained a whole new dimension.

No matter how accurately battles are described in books, when recreating them in LEGO, it’s a lot easier to get some inspiration from flicks. In this context, it comes to no surprise that this LEGO LOTR project is actually based on Peter Jackon’s Two Towers. The Battle of the Hornburg is also known among Tolkien’s fans as the Battle of Helm’s Deep, in case the title confused you.

The creators of this project are simply known as Rich-K and Big-J. I really think that there should be some sort of LEGO Awards each year, because such people are worth more than the appreciation they get on the Internet. The level of detail is nothing short of impressive, and to think that they used roughly 150,000 bricks to bring this to life is simply incredible.

In case you’re still not impressed by the number of bricks, maybe you should know that 1,700 mini figurines have been used to make the whole scene more realistic. Modern LEGO projects include countless bricks, and I’ve even written about bigger LEGO adaptations in the recent past, but I don’t remember anything with so many figurines. To get a better idea, I’ll give you some details regarding the participants to this LEGO battle: 300 Helm’s Deep armored soldiers, 100 Rohan peasants with pitchforks, and 200 blond elves fighting for King Théoden, while on the other side there are 1,000 Uruk-hai orcs fighting for Saruman and Sauron.

Lord of the Rings fans won’t even mind that this project isn’t complete. According to Goel Kim, the builder who uploaded these pictures to MOCpages, the creators of the LEGO Battle of Helm’s Deep still have about 10% of work left. There has been no word on when they’re going to finish it, so don’t hold your breath. I assure you that I’m as curious as any other LEGO fan to see how this turns out.

In comparison to this, LEGO’s official Battle of Helm’s Deep is a sad joke, as it costs $129,99 and it comes with 8 figurines and nowhere as many bricks.

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