Impressively Long LEGO Mass Effect 2 Spaceship

Pictures don’t do this LEGO Normandy SR2 justice, as the project measures 4 feet in length. If you add to that the fact that it’s been made by a high-school student, you’ll probably appreciate it even more.

Ben Caulkins, the young LEGO build master who made the LEGO Normandy SR2, had to prepare for college and take his SAT exams at the time this spaceship was built. He found a bit of time every now and then and proceeded to building one of the best LEGO spaceships to date. It took him 7 months to complete the project, but given the circumstances and the magnitude of the replica, I’d say that he did well.

It’s not the first time for Ben to be under the spotlights. When he was 15, he built a wearable LEGO Halo Master Chief suit and helmet out of 10,000 bricks. That one took him 6 months and $1,000 to finish, so it would seem that before exams or not, Ben pretty much finishes his projects in the same timeframe.

Personally, I’m very glad that such kids get the recognition they deserve all over the (geeky) Web. I’m not among the ones who consider that video games lead to violence, so I would encourage such creative kids with every chance I had. On the contrary, from my perspective, games can be used for shaping personalities, for testing reactions and, generally, for teaching youngsters to take decisions when confronted with a problem, instead of just running away. Hence, I’m glad that Ben brought to life a couple of things from the games he loves the most. This stands to show that even if a game involves killing enemies in a bloody manner, it could also promote creativity in the future.

The LEGO Normandy SR2 is a very accurate replica of the spaceship from Mass Effect 2, and since I doubt that Ben had any help from the developers of the game, I can only applaud his accuracy. Everything seems to be perfect, from the smooth, curved lines to the overall design.

His LEGO Mass Effect spaceship is exhibited today and tomorrow at Brickworld, which is a convention for adult LEGO fans that takes place in Chicago. If you happen to be in town these days, make sure you visit the expo, as I’m pretty sure that Ben’s Normandy SR2 is only one of the amazing things showcased there.

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