A Working LEGO Technics Movie Projector Is Here!

I remember playing LEGO bricks when I was a kid and each time I see things like this one, I can’t stop thinking LEGO are so inconspicuous. It’s such a powerful tool in the hands of a skilled craftsman with lots of time and patience.

The other thing you might consider is “What’s else can you build out of LEGO bricks?” It’s probably limited by one’s imagination only. Friedemann Wachsmuth’s imagination is vivid, beyond doubt.

He actually made a working movie projector almost entirely from LEGO bricks. The only not plastic parts are lens, lamp and reel spindles, perhaps even for Friedemann it would be impossible to build LEGO lens or LEGO 8 mm film… Anyway, the shutter, axles, clutches, plastic gears, it’s all LEGO Technics.

The LEGO projection machine plays a movie with the speed of 24 fps and allows to fast forward or rewind. It uses two engines and it’s capable of playing 120 m reel. Friedemann used quite a powerful, bright LED light which makes the movie crisp. This clever craftsman and LEGO fanatic comes from Germany and you may check his website peaceman.de.

Check out the video below and be ready for quite a long Hawaii Five-O tune’s encounter (it’s all vintage, after all) …

Super 8 film is a movie format released by Eastman Kodak in 1965. The film is 8 mm-wide, the same as older 8 mm format, though this one has a larger exposed area. It’s probably worth to mention the fact that in 1973 Kodak released a sound on film version. Super 8 mm can now be officially called vintage, because it’s no longer manufactured by Kodak in the most popular version called Kodachrome. The last roll was processed in early 2011.

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Via: ohgizmo / peaceman.de