Revolights Turn Ordinary Bikes into Tron Light Cycles

While a real replica of a Tron Light Cycle might leave you out of pocket, Revolights bring practical and inexpensive lighting to any ordinary two-wheeler.

Revolights image

The road out there for a cycler is a scary and dangerous one, quite literally. They have to prepare for the dangers of potholes, be ready to swerve around animals and if a vehicle with an engine is sharing the path then they have to be mindful of that too. Now imagine that at night. If every cycler was lucky enough to have a neon-illuminated Tron Light Cycle, from the famous film franchise, then there wouldn’t be a problem, but alas they are rather pricey. In comes Revolights, a cheap alternative that does the job just as well.

The Revolights, a project from Kent Frankovich, an inventor, were originally intended to be a sleeker design for headlights, but now, as wheel mounted LEDs, they’re both well-made and stylish.

Coming in both ‘bolt on’ versions and with a more lightweight and simple built in version in progress (as in, Revolights that come pre-attached to the wheels), the product is simple enough. While the lights are specifically designed to make obstacles stand out clearer in ‘low-angle lighting’, they employ some pretty fancy tech too. For example, when cycling at low speeds, an accelerometer will read the gravitational pull to determine the position of the lights while at higher velocities, the lights work by reading the amount of spins of the bike’s wheels. The Revolights use this data to create a beautiful “cascading” light pattern, keeping the cycle both illuminated and creative.

The way the lights work actually makes them more effective than an actual Tron Light Cycle (and more energy efficient), plus they’re far more easy to transport (and there’s no worry of accidentally damaging hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of tech as there is with a Tron Light Cycle).

Revolights as a bolt on addition to bikes is currently available from their website (prices start at $139) after achieving a successful Kickstarter campaign way back in 2011, and they just hit their goal for the built-in version on the crowdfunding website again (by over 650% this time), so that should be available soon, too.

Watch the Revolights project video below.

Source : CNN, Revolights

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