Ghost in the Shell LEGO Tachikoma

Say hello to this awesome-looking LEGO Tachikoma, from the anime Ghost in Shell: Stand Alone Complex, by Peer Kreuger.

Ghost in the Shell LEGO Tachikoma Image 1

Anime fans everywhere – at least those with taste – should be able to recognize the LEGO-version of this spider-looking robot from the late night airwaves of Cartoon Network, from a show called Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. The 26-episode cyberpunk-action series centered on a Japanese special-operations task-force, called Section 9, in the future year of 2030.

In the early 2000’s boom of the Anime Industry, Stand Alone Complex was an absolute marvelous show – it’s still one of my favorites from that time, for sure. It also introduced the mini-tanks that LEGO-pro Peer Kreuger produced with his god-like building skills right here before you. These mini-tanks are called Tachikomas, and I’d certainly say they’re a show-stealing aspect of Stand Alone Complex.

The Tachikoma are not only of great tactical use during any mission, but they also have built into their feature set amazing artificial intelligence. Amusingly enough, because of this, the Tachikomas have a child-like thrust for knowledge and endless thoughts and discussions about what constitutes their existence. Really heady stuff that makes you feel like your taking a philosophy course.

Ghost in the Shell LEGO Tachikoma Image 2

It’s existential musings like this though, that really make Stand Alone Complex fantastic. Oh, and fearless hot-stuff Major Motoko Kusanagi taking down a room filled of armed-mercenaries, all ninja-like. But that’s a topic for another time, of course – we’re here about this Ghost in the Shell LEGO Tachikoma, which is quite the beauty.

Made out of so many LEGO parts that only the most passionate of LEGO enthusiasts would dare take on, Kreuger’s Tachikoma creation supremely captures what made the Tachikomas such neat machines. Better yet, it moves by remote control, turn its cute bobble head, and waves hello. D’aww!

Geeze, that looks really cool and makes me wish I had the time and money to do one of these LEGO Tachikomas. But you! You look like you’ve got the right stuff. And if so, Peer Kreuger has the guide and the list of parts directly from his website. And yes, they’re a lot of parts. Parts I didn’t even knew existed!

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