10 Awesome Movie Poster Mashups

Mashups make the world go round, especially movie posters mashups. Combining geeky things, generally combining stuff from geek and pop culture are somewhat of a pet peeve for many people, causing many nerdgasms when they’re done right.

At worth1000.com they hold competitions among their more talented and less readers, challenging them to use some photoshop magic and create a new movie from two film posters. Even movies we hate, well that everyone hates, like Sex And the City, have enough of something in their posters to be able to work something out.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans & Rango

A chameleon, Werewolves and vampires. Sound good to me.

Final Destination & Pirates of the Caribbean

Jack Sparrow getting killed after an unusual chain of unlikely things happening.

Sex and the City & Alice in Wonderland

Two movies you hate in one ticket!

Rise of the Planet of the Apes & Avatar

Blue apes is all I can think of after seeing this poster.

Wall-E & Where the Wild Things Are

Tearjerker. Get your tissues ready.

Smurfs & Fantastic Four

Rise of Gargamel?

Batman & Smurfs

Terminator & Brokeback Mountain

Insert any cool one liner that Arnold uses.

Shouldn’t be a problem handling a rockstar for Tony Stark, who doesn’t quite look like himself in the third movie. Probably contract problems.

Kill Bill & Superbad

Some people don’t like Jonah Hill, fat or slim.