Awesome 55,000 Piece LEGO Wall Divider

Ever seen a wall divider made entirely out of LEGO? One German design agency recently built one using over 55,000 pieces of LEGO. That’s a lot of bricks.

lego wall divider

I’ve seen large LEGO sculptures before, but this is probably the first time I’ve seen LEGO used in actual architecture. According to our source, a German design firm called Npire came up with the idea and began constructing the wall piece by piece in their office.

The team used more than 55, 000 pieces of LEGO to build the wall divider. As you can see from the buckets of LEGO bricks in the photo, that’s one heck of a lot of LEGO pieces. I seem to remember at one time being quite young and quite proud of owning a combined total of over 1000 pieces of LEGO with my brother, and we could almost literally cover a whole floor with them. I can only wonder how they managed to scrounge up that many bricks!

lego wall divider pieces

It’s really quite impressive to look at. What used to be an open hallway, now has a divider, doorway and curved arch. It certainly gives the room some added personality, and it’s gotta be a great conversation piece when they’re meeting with clients.

lego wall divider finished

The star shape on the right side is the logo emblem for the design firm, so it’s a nice touch to add in, and doesn’t look like it was all that easy to make. I’m guessing that more than a couple guys on the team are genuine LEGO pros.

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