Tron-Inspired PS3 and Xbox 360 Controllers Unveiled

New Tron-inspired controllers have just been unveiled for the PS3 and Xbox 360 and they like devices right out of the movies.

tron xbox 360 controller

The world of Tron is known for its bright lights, deep contrasts and that way that everything has a certain glow to it. Now, with new controllers for the Xbox 360 and PS3, gamers can now bring some of that aesthetic flair into their all-night gaming sessions.

According to our source, the controllers were unveiled earlier this week by PDP. Inspired by Gem, a Siren program from the Tron films, the controllers feature a pearl finish with misty grey handles and a ton of glowing accents along the grips and contours.

tron inspired ps3 controller

What’s nice is that these controllers have clearly been designed for gaming, and not just showroom pieces. Both controllers have rubber grips on the side so that the avid gamer has all the hand support they need after waving their remotes around in victory after a rough match of Call of Duty.

The Xbox 360 controller has vibration support, though no word on whether the PS3 one has proper sixaxis support.

Both controllers are currently available for pre-order and can be found exclusively on PDP’s website. Both go for a smooth $50, which is not bad considering you sometimes find the regular controllers retailed higher than that.

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