The Real LEGO Batman

The 1960s classic camp TV show Batman was known for its cheeky intro segment, and now you can see it all done in glorious LEGO.

lego batman intro

Most people know about the LEGO Batman video game franchise, but how many of you have seen the intro to the old TV show remade using LEGO blocks? We’re not talking about rending LEGO blocks on a TV, we’re talking the real thing.

Check out the video below to catch the entire intro segment redone with LEGO blocks, complete with the cheesy sound effects and insanely catchy 1960s Batman theme song. Enjoy!

Watching this video is strangely nostalgic for me. Even though I haven’t actually seen any episodes of that show in years, I somehow remember every moment of it, from the punch sound effects, to the choppy animation. There’s something about using LEGO blocks to re-create this segment that makes it feel genuine. The 1960s Batman was known for its rigid acting, stiff dialogue and all around cheese. Seeing Adam West and Burt Ward replaced by clunky little LEGO alter-egos really fits the bill.

I especially love the shot of all the villains and other goons moving towards the left side of the screen, and then flying backwards after having been beaten up by the Dark Knight. Pure awesomeness.

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