Bricks on Me: Geeky Lego Wigs

The most durable wig on the planet has to be the one that is built with Lego building blocks.

If you thought you read wrong, you would be forgiven but a Dutch design studio has launched a new ad campaign that features models wearing wigs made of Lego blocks. The wigs have been constructed using black, red and yellow building blocks.

The models apparently had to balance their wigs, while the photographer took their pictures. It is not clear what the ad campaign is for, or which product/service it is going to be used for. However, Bricks On Me’s copy reads ‘Mind play’ and makes the reader ever more curious. Probably not what your hairdresser would advise you to wear if you have lost hair, but these wigs could certainly be a great way to pep up geeky parties with a Lego theme.

The posters look strangely futuristic and the minimalist images seem to suggest that mind is at its calmest, when the individual is at play. Lego has always been used in art, and we had featured Lego Street Art, that depicts various installations from around the world. You may also want to take a look at the World’s Tallest Skyscrapers built in Lego building blocks.