Gory Skeleton Foot Tattoo Looks Painful

Getting a tattoo can be a painful experience and if we are talking about foot, it must hurt real bad. That didn’t stop a DeviantART member KidNamedEmCee who has gone ahead and got a skeleton tattoo on his foot.

The tattoo is incredibly detailed and looks like it must have been very painful. In fact, if you look at it for the first time, it may seem more like a third degree burn than a tattoo.

The man in question claims that it didn’t hurt him as much as he thought it would, but it certainly hurts our eyes to look at it! When you get a tattoo on any part of your body, it makes sense to think twice and ask yourself if you are not going to regret later in life. Tattoo removal can be expensive and painful at the same time.

You might also want to take a look at the equally painful looking World of Warcraft Tattoo that we had featured sometime ago. If you are in the mood for some surreal art, you would really like getting yourself a Star Wars a la Dali Tattoo. If getting a real tattoo isn’t your thing, you might as well go ahead and get yourself one of these Superhero Tattoo Sleeves.

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