Awesome lifelike animal sculptures made out of paper

Don’t be fooled by these amazing animal sculptures by José Suris, they’ll give you a nasty papercut if you handle them the wrong way.


So what does a bear, a fox, a pokemon and a goldfish all have in common? All of them have been made into amazing, detailed sculptures (and masks) by the Brooklyn artist, and better yet; entirely out of paper. While not exactly lifelike at a first glance, the attention to detail is completely there, as it incorporates what strands of fur or scales would actually look like, were they actually made out of paper, or at least mostly. These sculptures use wireframe, styrofoam and paperclay, on top of the actual paper, to mold these fine works of art into the full fledged creations you see.


Drawing some inspiration from games like Zelda, Pokemon and even some stories he hears everyday in his entourage, this 3D artist has gotten the hang of getting these finished products to look absolutely stunning using one of the most basic materials for crafting.


While these taxidermied (practically) cuties might not be available for sale, you could always hang a painting of them in your living room. Though it certainly wouldn’t give you the same joyless blank stare as the real thing, you can stay satisfied in avoiding the hundreds of papercuts you’d get on your next moving day. Who knows what the future holds for the budding young Suris, although now the bar has been set fairly high for him. If we’re lucky, we’ll get to see his work land on Etsy or somewhere similar, god knows we’d love to see a Pikachu worked into this form.

Source: My Modern Met

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