LMFAO/He Man Mashup: “I’m Sexy and I Know It”

Every kid who grew up reading He-man comics would remember having a perv’s eye for the super hero’s beefed up body. To make matters worse, his love-life was questionable leaving open opportunities for gossip mongers.

With all the gossips about He-man’s preferences and orientation always doing the rounds, somebody has gone ahead and created the LMFAO/He Man mashup “I’m Sexy and I Know It”. It is rather funny to see He Man jumping around in his loin cloth to the beats of the rather slapstick song. Of course, you are spared from the pelvic-thrusting dance moves that can be seen in the original video. I am sure many people would have actually preferred to see He Man doing those pelvic gyrations than those two goofy guys from LMFAO.

The irony is, back in the days when He Man initially appeared in comic strips, his body was quite the talk of the town but it was almost a taboo to view a comic hero with lustful glances. Queer eye for the comic strip hero, could be the alternative title of this video but as much as we all are confused about his orientations, he appears to be interested in women in this video mashup. I guess this video would serve as a reference point to debate He Man’s orientation and also his innate needs for romance.

Meanwhile, you can pump up the bass and dance along with Prince Adam while he gyrates to a post millennial hit by two of the goofiest musicians that I have ever come across. If you asked me, I would rather watch He Man mashup than the original video, which I think is pretty distasteful no matter how funny most people find it. If Prince Adam is not rugged enough for you, you must take a look at this gothic Steampunk Iron Man Figurine.