Nintendo & Louvre Team Up For 3DS Guided Tours

Nintendo is giving guests to the world famous Louvre museum a new way to discover some of the best artistic works ever created.

Nintendo 3DS Louvre Museum Tour Image 1

Jiminy Cricket! Kids these days… When I was a spry youngster, you couldn’t dare bring any sort of electronic entertainment – be it Game Boy, Tiger LCD game, or heck a calculator – on a museum field trip without the risk of it being instantly confiscated. But now! You get Nintendo 3DS-guided tours at the flippin’ Louvre! What a rip! *Pouts*

Alright, fine. For the sake of this article I’ll set my bitter, “Grandpa Simpson” feelings aside, because this story is a rather cool coming together of two totally different mediums for the pursuit of knowledge. Beginning April 11 and onwards, Nintendo has partnered up with the world renowned Louvre Museum in Paris, France to provide Nintendo 3DSs to visitors as visual/audio tour guides.

Each 3DS will include an exclusive Louvre-specialized software that features more than 700 commentaries on some of the museum’s exceptional exhibits. Plus, there’s also a built-in interactive map that should help guests from straying off their guided path. Something that’s fairly easy to do with the grandiose size of the museum, which stretches 652,300 square feet over central Paris.

The Audio Guide Louvre - Nintendo 3DS Image

Certain displays and art pieces within the Louvre will even be visible in 3D thanks to the handheld guide. Now you can really see how creepy that smile of the Mona Lisa is!

Right now the Louvre will be using their 5,000 borrowed Nintendo 3DSs for two specific guided tours. One centered on their most-prominent housed works, like the aforementioned Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, etc., called the “Masterpieces” tour. While the other tour, “Egypt for all the family”, will focus on ancient Egyptian exhibits.

Nintendo 3DS Louvre Museum Tour Image 2

Before you ask: no, you can’t sneak some Super Mario 3D Land-playtime while your on one of these 3DS tours. And why in Leonardo Da Vinci’s good name, would you? Who the heck travels thousands of miles over the Atlantic to the Earth’s best collection of amazing art, and decides that would be the ideal place to grab some more gold stars? What is this, I don’t even with that reasoning!

Anyway – if I were to take a trip to Paris, knowing that you could use a Nintendo 3DS to check out the Louvre, and its many epic pieces of art, would definitely be a alluring premise to get me to line up at the door. What about you? Of course, knowing my absolute love for gaming, you could stick any gaming-related piece, say this working NES table, and I would be there in no time.

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