For Those Who Never Stop Moving: The M Pad Touch Tablet PC

As someone who is always trying to find more ways to take my projects and work with me where ever I go, a tablet is a great device to have, but it lacks some qualities that a PC has that are extremely useful. German designer Volker Hübner may have found a way to combine the best of both worlds with his new touch tablet PC, the M Pad.

Mainly designed with developers and designers in mind, the M Pad is a great product for those who area in a creative lifestyle, and provides all of the needs as well. With a pen, cleverly dubbed the M Pen, that is very responsive and key in the design of the tablet, the user can precisely move around the tablet, draw, and make intricate designs with the precision and accuracy required from those in a professional job place.

On the flip side, users will notice that built into the M Pad’s very slim design (exact dimensions being 430x280x25 mm or approximately 17x11x1 in.), small legs can be flipped out in order to elevate one side up to 15 degrees, and at the convenience of the user, a left-handed user will be able to use the same features, as the device only requires a simple 180 degree turn in order to be used comfortably. The side of the device also features a storage bay for the M Pen, seen on the left side of the picture below.

Adding on to the features this device has, it also features something that I see as truly innovative. On the side of the 15.6″ OLED display, there is a set of nine fixed buttons (featuring Ctrl.,  Alt., Space, and the rest of the usual ones you would expect), as well as 8 programmable buttons with e-ink displays that can store up to 24 preset functions in any program. Along with the buttons, there is also a useful scroll wheel, and what appears to be a few USB ports, mini-USB port(s), and possibly an HDMI port. This device has everything that one would need for any kind of work, and includes features that some current tablets are missing, such as USB ports, which are almost a necessity a workplace.

The M Pad is certainly an advancement that is vital to the tablet industry, and hopefully the design for this product will become a reality in the near future, as  I, for one, would love to have one to personally tryout and make use of in my life that is ever-moving.

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Via: Yanko Design