More Pop Culture Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

The internet is filled with awesome theories about your most popular films and TV shows. Character are deeper than you believe them to be, and weird connections can be found if you just look closely enough.

Indiana Jones is what Han Solo is dreaming about when he’s in the carbonite chamber

Indiana Jones Han Solo

While Han is in carbonite he dreams that he is an archaeologist called Indiana Jones and he equates the Nazi army to the stormtroopers. That would explain why Han Solo and Indy are so similar in gruff, sassy personality and, obviously, why they look the exact same. It doesn’t explain the Crystal Skull – Aliens thins.

JK Rowling is Ginny Weasley

Ginny Weasley

Did you know J.K. Rowling was originally a redhead? And that her husband looks very similar to Harry Potter? Everything in ‘Harry Potter’ is true and “JK Rowling” is a made-up person. Her husband is the actual Harry Potter and when they’re not doing press, they live back in the wizarding world.

Mary Poppins is a Time Lord From Doctor Who

Mary Poppins 1

Mary shows up, flying into these children’s house. Her bag is bigger on the inside and able to hold a lot more than it looks like it could. She wears a bow-tie  She’s British. She has a bunch of weird friends and she takes the children on adventures. She can talk to animals. She only hangs out temporarily but then she’s gotta take off and travel some more. She helps people in need. She might even be one of the Doctor’s incarnations.

The Joss Whedon Buffy – Dollhouse Universe

Slayer Buffy

Eliza Dushku played Faith on ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’; a few years later she played in another Whedon series, Dollhouse. In Dollhouse she played a “doll” named Echo. Dolls are people who sign over their lives to be imprinted with different personalities and essentially whored out to clients.

Faith just might be one of Echo’s imprints – The Dollhouse and Sunnydale are both in California. When Faith is in a coma, maybe it’s just Echo being turned off and resting. Faith was never a real slayer. She was a doll.

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