Magikarp Crochet Hat by Savannah Mitchell

Get swallowed up with fuzzy warmth with this magikarp crochet hat.

Wearing a fish on your head doesn’t sound like the best way to keep warm during the last clutches of winter. I mean, just think of the smell and being all slimy – eww, no thanks. But maybe Etsy shop keeper Savannah Mitchell (a.k.a. corlista) can change our minds with her latest sewing project.

magikarp crochet hat by Savannah Mitchell image 2

It’s the Charlie Brown of the Pokémon world Magikarp in adorable crochet hat form, and as useless as this fishy-type Pokémon normally is out on the battle field, at least as comfy head attire it does its best job here thanks to Savannah’s talented stitching.

Savannah custom makes each hat out of soft acrylic yarn and measures them up to about 20” from tail to fin, so when worn it looks like this crochet Magicarp is swallowing your head as if it were a fishing lure. Kids, don’t try this at home – unless you’re a cartoon cat or something.

magikarp crochet hat by Savannah Mitchell image 1

If you want one of these cute hats for your own cranium, you’ll have to contact Savannah personally through her Etsy page to get a commission from her. They tend to take 4-to-6 weeks to make, so don’t expect speedy delivery.

Do expect hand-crafted quality with two spoonfuls of Pokémon love though, because judging by her previous creations based on other Pokémon – which I beg of you to check out – Savannah is a master of the yarn.

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