Man Of Steel Posters are the Most Awesome Ever Made

There are some early reviews out for those who have seen ‘Man of Steel’, and spoilers aside, there doesn’t seem to be a single person who doesn’t agree that visually, the movie is simply gorgeous.

And with a gorgeous films, come amazing posters, maybe the best anyone has ever made to an upcoming film. It’s been quite a while since Superman, the character, in any kind of media form, has created this kind of buzz, and it seems DC are finally getting everything right about it.

Illustrated by Martin Ansin for Mondo and available for sale from June 13th, there are two versions of this epic poster, showing Superman looking down on earth while Zod, Lois and Perry can be noticed among the flashes across the poster.

Man of Steel Poster

The “Metal” variant is limited to 130 posters, just so you know, if you want to pick up the pace.

Man of Steel Poster

Young Superman

This is by Ken Taylor, and also comes in a limited edition, on sale in the same place. Just so you know, and be patient, These posters will not BEGIN shipping until the end of July.

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