A Crochet Replica of Pee Wee and Chairry

A smartly dressed crochet-figure stands next to a cute looking sofa. The crochet-figure is dressed in a handsome, grey, two-buttoned formal jacket with matching pants. A dashing, red bowtie sits smartly on the suit’s collar. The crochet-figure’s hair is neatly combed back and the face sports a warm, naughty smile. This crochet-figure is a toy replica of the famous, goofy, laugh-inspiring Pee Wee Herman.The cute looking sofa next to Pee Wee is sky blue in color with a crochet finish. The sofa has wide, inviting eyes with an open-mouthed grin.  The crochet model sofa is one of Pee Wee’s best friends, Chairry.

Pee Wee Herman was a comic character essayed by comedian Paul Reubens. The character rose to popular appeal in the mid-80s with a legendary children’s show called Pee-wee’s Playhouse. The children’s show aired from 1986-1991.

Pee-wee’s Playhouse was one of those rare TV shows that had both, kids and adults, glued to it. The Pee Wee Herman and Chairry crochet set aims to achieve a similar appeal with kids and adults alike.

The best part of the Pee Wee and Chairry crochet set is that you get to make it. The set comes with all the material needed to make the two figures, and with plenty of photos and instructions to guide you along the way.

Since you get to make Pee Wee from scratch, you can model him in your own unique way. You can make your own color changes with the suit piece that Pee Wee wears. If you wish to go with a more modern looking color for the suit, you have the option to try that out. Or, if you wish to go for a more classical ‘black and white’ look, you could try that out too.

Though it is a crochet model, the design from Crafty Is Cool combines modern day interactivity with old school design: Case in point being the removable jacket. The jacket comes along with two workable buttons and can be removed if you wish to have Pee Wee in only a shirt and pant ensemble.

After talking about Pee Wee, it is time to talk about Chairry, one of Pee Wee’s best friends. The plush, overstuffed Chairry comes in a cute Amigurumi design, which is a Japanese art of knitting small stuffed toys.

If Pee Wee gets tired standing, he can always sit on Chairry. The crochet modelled Pee Wee and Chairry toy allows you to wind the clock back to a much simpler time.

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