Mark Zuckerberg Figurine: Like

If you’re addicted to Facebook as much as, well, everyone and you’ve already added Mark Zuckerberg’s canine companion Beast to your list of online friends, then here’s something you can buy that will truly cement your unwavering and unrequited love for TIME magazines’ person of the year.

Mark Zuckerberg Figurine

Whether you “like” or “dislike” Facebook, it’s hard to ignore the impact it’s had on the internetz at large. It’s been a game changer in the way that we interact with online content and basically created the ubiquitous term “social networking”. Facebook and its’ founder have become so iconic that even Hollywood joined the band-wagon and made a somewhat dramatized movie that chronicles the conception of Facebook.

Another Look

Like all quasi-geeky icons, it was only a matter of time before Mark Zuckerberg himself was turned into a figurine by an adoring fan. This one here, like the best kinds of figurines, is limited edition and sold through the online store “M.I.C store”.

Poke, Like

The level of detail is incredible and props to the artist for nailing the outfit. I have to give credit to Mark for making the hooded sweatshirt, jean and Addidas flip-flop the new Yuppie uniform. See Mom, it’s cool to dress like a bum. His head is slightly over-sized, in the style of a Bobble Head, except Mr. Zuckerberg’s head turns for nothing. Mark’s stone cold statue is modeled so that you can change a sign between his fingers and thumb on his right hand from “Poke” to “Like”, the two most used actions to covertly flirt on Facebook.

Speech Bubbles

In addition to the sign, you can also fill in speech bubbles (quotes from the movie), included with the figurine, and attach them to his face. If you want a piece of the CEO of Facebook, that you can hand off to your children and your children’s children, make sure you snatch up one of these figurines before they’re all gone.

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Via: M.I.C Blog; Hat tip: Craziest Gadgets