Married With Children Around the World

Married With Children has been off the air for about 15 years, but it’s still one of the most popular American Sitcoms of all time, especially in the global market. It may not be critically hailed as the untouchable Seinfeld, but Married With Children, that was kind of the outcast sister of the ‘too sweet’ Sitcom era of the 1980’s, drowning in family values, probably has more to do with today’s world, still getting foreign adaptations made to this day.

Bulgarian Married With Children

A rather recent translation of the show, the show ‘Married with children in Bulgaria’ started airing on March 26, 2012.

Argentinian Version

Called ‘Casados con hijos’ the show ran for two seasons (2005, 2006) but was very successful in South American countries, resulting in re-runs of the show still airing. Casados con Hijos was also the name of the shows in Colombia and Chile.



German Version

Married with children is very popular in Germany, resulting in a remake called Hilfe, meine Familie spinnt. It lasted only one season and was using the exact translated scripts of the original series and just renamed place and person names according to the new setting.

Hungary Version

Literal translation to Egy rém rendes család Budapesten? A gruesomely decent family in Budapest. This was highest budget sitcom ever in Hungary at the time (2006).


Translated into happy together, which also used translated scripts from the American version.

British Version

The UK version, called ‘Married for Life’ lasted only 7 episodes. The Bundy name was replaced with Butler.


‘Bracne Vode’ which means ‘The waters of marriage’ ran for two seasons (2008-2009).

Poland Version

?wiat wed?ug Bundych is still airing in Poland and unlike most countries, wasn’t an exact copy of the American shown, combining elements from the Simpsons and Married with Children.


This version, translated from Hebrew into ‘Marriage +’ will be actually airing for the first time this month.