Geeky, Funny And Tasty: The Pi Pie Pun

Tomorrow is Pi day (3-14), and we’re getting ready for it. Can we make the Pi Pie Pun again, or should we be acting more like “bye, bye, pun”? Just once more, ok? There’s always room for delicious looking things, whether you’re a geek or not, but being that tomorrow is such a special date, we’ll indulge showing some of our favorite specials pies, themed after Pi.

Sweet Pi Pie With 24 Digits


We can’t really name many digits of Pi, but we know Pie is delicious. Now, you’re only allowed to eat one number at a time, and once you’ve memorized it – this should be a great exercise. What’s after the first 5, again? See the original post here.

Backwards Pi Spells Pie


Pi backwards  spells pie, and you are aware now. Have a slice while you get over this crazy realization. It goes down best with a mug of coffee.

Pi Pumpkin Pie

We might not be in pumpkin season, but this shouldn’t stop those looking for a delicious tribute to the most interesting number. Find out more about this pie in the original post, found over here.

Award Winning Pi Day Pie


It might look a bit messy in the picture, but we’re sure it tastes perfectly fine. If you’re sort of a DIY type of geek, head over to the source and you could even learn how to make it.

Infinite Numbers Pi Pie


Maybe some mathematical genius will discover at one point or the other if Pi is infinite or not (think of the implications for science!), but what we care the most about now is infinite pie. Om nom nom.

If you still need more Pi in your life (sorry, you’ll have to come back another time for more pie), check out some of our other articles such as Get Irrational – The 5 Sickest Pi Tattoos and Pi Clock Measures Time in Radians.