Matias One Keyboard

No matter how convenient texting is, it’s nowhere near as easy for accomplished touch typists to type on their phones as it is on an actual keyboard. The Matias One keyboard attempts to change that.

It’s a full size keyboard with a dock for your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can use it for sending text messages, emails or tweets. It draws power for the wireless connection to the device from the keyboards’s USB connection, so you won’t drain your battery. It’s actually a Bluetooth connection, so it will work with other devices.

Matias One keyboard

If you don’t want to buy a keyboard just for your phone, it also works with PCs and Macs. The keyboard also doubles as a USB hub, so you can plug in  your favorite gadgets.

Of course, the most important part of the keyboard is how it feels when you type on it. The One keyboard uses mechanical switches to give it a good tactile feel, similar to IBM’s prized Model M keyboards. The Mac version also has the symbols for hard-to-type things like the Euro symbol (if you’re not in Europe), right on the keyboard. It also has the Page UP, Page Down, Home and End keys on the arrow keys.

Matias One keyboard arrow keys

If you want a nice-feeling keyboard that you can use with your phone, the One keyboard is worth checking out. It sells for $99.95

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