Meaningless Art Installations Urge You to Find Meaning in Life

They say, art need not explain or represent anything. It can simply appeal to your senses and not have any message behind it.

When Diana Cooper decided to create these art installations that remind you of doodles in 3D, she perhaps did not have a theme in her mind. Or perhaps, she had a theme and decided not to tell us what her theme really is.

No matter what the treason behind these art installations are, they surprise the viewer with their symmetry, depth, and a sense of order that almost represents the way the Universe functions. She uses ordinary objects such as pipe cleaners, map pins, Velcro, foam core and felt to create these other-worldly explanation-defying art installations which by now I am sure are very popular among those in the art circuit.

The installations cover entire walls and are of room size. They are a combination of clever positioning, painting, sculptures and drawing. The installations seem to question our beliefs about universe and how each person can have his or her own subjective opinion about what life, time and universe really are.

Diana Cooper probably wants us to reflect, think and dream about all the possibilities that these patterns evoke in our minds. It could be just about anything that may make you imagine what the universe is like. Again, it may not even be about universe and may be completely meaningless.

At the end of the day, these art installations without a theme help us to understand that life in itself is meaningless. Life gets the meaning that we give to it. Thus, it is possible that Diana Cooper is an existentialist and is trying to tell us that these installations are basically meaningless, but we can make it easier for ourselves by projecting a meaning upon them.

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