The Best Fan Art of 2012

Before you head off and start devouring new adaptations to your favorite comic book, movie and cartoon characters in 2013, take a look and remember some of the best artworks and different interpretations the previous year had to offer.

Johnny Bravo & Velma From Scooby Doo

By doubleleaf

Clifford the Big Red Dog

By sandara.

Anthropomorphized Finding Nemo

By bunny910.

Little Leo

By ReevolveR.

Xenomorph Rex

By nebezial.

Ariel, Too Hip and Too Sexy 4 U

Hellboy’s Bad Day

By pacman23.

Little Red Riding Hood’s Picnic

By Naimane.

Merida Meets Toothless

By Hubedihubbe.


By arvalis.

My Neighbor Jake

By rismo.

Disney Avengers

By zeixx.

Bedrock Girls

By qiqo.

Harley Quinn Deadpool

By jamietyndall.

Doctor Whoever

By Quirkilicious.

Re-Imagined Captain America

B&W Sideshow Bob

By spacecoyote.

The Dark Passanger

By PatrickBrown.