Capcom Releasing Mega Man 25th Anniversary 3DS Case

While Capcom might not have much on the gaming front for Mega Man, they do keep on delivering on some awesome related swag.

Mega Man 25th Anniversary 3DS Case image 1

In my dream world – where the next Metroid is being made by Platinum Games and there’s finally a release date for the The Last Guardian – the kind of Mega Man news I would have for you today would be about Mega Man 11 or a hi-def remake of Mega Man X.

Sadly, I only bare news of merchandise for the gamer-favorite Blue Bomber – ah, but it’s awesome merchandise though! Soon you’ll be able to purchase these stylish Mega Man 3DS cases online via the Capcom Store or at the company’s booth at year’s San Diego Comic Con.

Mega Man 25th Anniversary 3DS Case image 3

I really love the simple, yet striking two-tone design being used here; on front is the bold image of Mega Man in his 8-bit form, and on the back is a special emblem for the 25th anniversary of the popular Capcom series, for which these 3DS cases mark.

Capcom hasn’t priced or dated the Mega Man 3DS cases (available in 3DS XL sizes, too) at this point, but they shouldn’t be too pricey going off similarly commemorative accessories released in the past, like the hugely popular Monster Hunter cases that sold out like gangbusters.

Mega Man 25th Anniversary 3DS Case image 2

So say tuned to digital grapevine for that info, and stay with for the latest geek-tastic news about a retina iPad mini coming in the second half of 2013 and a radio-controlled Star Trek’ USS Enterprise that’s way cool. Well, I think it’s way cool.