Fan-Made Metal Gear Solid 3 Action Figures

Elvis1976’s set of four action figures from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater are unreal and unbelievably awesome. Get in here folks and take a look.

The Pain figure by elvis1976

Did you know that Konami’s Metal Gear series recently celebrated its 25th birthday on July 7? Yes, on that date twenty-five, long years ago, famed gaming-director Hideo Kojima’s first entry in the global espionage series starring Solid Snake, 1987’s Metal Gear, was released for the MSX2, a Japanese home computer that quite popular for its time.

We Yankees across the Pacific though, ended up getting a greatly inferior port with the NES version in 1988; sheesh, the fact alone that that version doesn’t even have the titular weapon of mass destruction, Metal Gear, as its end boss, makes this clearly obvious. Protip: I’d recommend chasing down a copy of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (PS3/360/Vita); it has keen port of the original MSX2 version that must be played.

The End figure by elvis1976

In 1998, the series was reborn with Metal Gear Solid for the PlayStation, which then propelled the franchise into two more stellar titles, leading us towards today’s subject of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Out of all the Metal Gear games thus far, I would instantly pick Snake Eater as having some of the best, memorable bosses ever.

Truly my friends, those boss battles in MGS3 were some amazing mind-altering stuff that is, and probably still is gosh darn it, unmatched by any other game. And now, thanks to elvis1976, those memories are gloriously captured with their set of four custom-made Metal Gear Solid 3 figures, featuring some of the predominate baddies from the game.

The Fury figure by elvis1976

Behold ladies and gentleman, in sequential order from the top of this story, The Pain, The End, The Fury, and just for heck the of it even though he doesn’t appear in the game itself, Grey Fox from Metal Gear Solid 1, beautifully crafted as action figures; the likes of which someone would probably pay top, top dollar to have in their fancy-pants collection. Seriously, they look that good.

The amount of detail is incredible for something hand-made… Down-right terrifying even, but still cool.

Grey Fox figure by elvis1976

I’d like to ask how much these bad boys cost, but I’m pretty sure these won’t be up sale anytime soon. And even if they were, I don’t I could afford them. That’s alright though, I’m fine off playing the games. You know, I think to prep myself for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance I should try to play through the entire Metal Gear Solid series, how about you join me?

Fair enough, if you have pressing matters – like having a life – you don’t have to, and are better off spending a few minutes reading over geeky items such as a bad-ass Super Mario tattoo or an attachable QWERTY keyboard that brilliantly snaps on to your iPhone. Sweet.