Metroid Samus Aran Figurines Debut at Comiket 81

Nintendo’s famed alien-hunting heroine is primed and ready to sit on a bookshelf with two extraordinary Samus Aran figurines.

Samus Aran Figures Comiket Image

There’s probably nothing more you can do to make Metroid’s Samus Aran as absolutely awesome as she can already be; seriously, come on, her spacesuit has a freakin’ laser-blaster for an arm! As someone from the Jersey Shore might say after a long consuming day of G.T.L. (that’s Gym, Tan, & Laundry – I had to look it up), “nuff’ said.”

Yet thank the mighty stars that no one listens to me, because Japanese action-figure makers Max Factory and Good Smile Company are here to prove me so wrong with these 1:6 scale Samus Aran figurines that made their first showing recently at Comiket 81.

Max Factory's Samus Aran Figure Image

As you can already see, both are based off Samus’s latest appearance in Metroid: Other M on the Nintendo Wii, though one obviously has her geared-up for battle in full armor, and the other, her Zero Suit armor (if you can even call it that)… umm, less so. Well at least she has a Metroid to keep her company!

Good Smile Company's Samus Aran Zero Suit Armor Figure Image

Shorthand for Comic Market, Comiket is a bi-yearly geek event held in Tokyo, Japan; it takes place in this super-futuristic upside-down triangle-shaped convention center (look up a picture, it’s wild), and to boot, is the world’s largest self-published comic book fair. Meaning that everything you would find at Comiket is totally fan-created, a Japanese comic-practice called “Dojinshi.”

Now, Comiket isn’t just for the 99% though, some professional retailers like Max Factory and Good Smile Company also have a bit of presence there too, which is where these images you see today come from. Quickly, back to these Samus Aran figurines though: both each are dated for a 2012 release in Japan, so soon enough, probably around late Spring to late Summer, I’m guessing, you’ll be able to find these beauties at a Japan-import hobby shop near you.

Even more promising, these two Samus Aran action-figures shown here are only display models, with the final products perhaps having a lot of assorted parts, just like the Sonic the Hedgehog figure we showed a good while back, to customize the way she poses and what not. Now that would be something — kind of like the idea of Nintendo’s next console, the Wii U, having a dedicated app-store.