Mindblowing Military Base Diorama Case Mod

There is nothing wrong with your monitor. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. Hiroto Ikeuchi is controlling transmission. If he wishes to make it louder, he will bring in the tanks. If he wishes to make it softer, he will send a sniper to do the dirty work.

Forget everything you know about case mods. The one made by Hiroto Ikeuchi is like nothing you’ve seen before.

LED strips and modified buttons are for amateurs, if we are to think that this military base diorama represents the new standard in case mods.

This masterpiece wasn’t inspired by Call of Duty or Battlefield, as some might believe, but by mecha anime such as Gundam and Macross. Except for the display itself, every square centimeter of the case, monitor, keyboard and mouse has been adapted to the theme.

If it’s diversity you’re after, the secret base case mod has everything you need: soldiers with different ranks, tanks, AA guns, rockets, missiles and more.

The figurines have even taken over the internal cards. Some can be observed planning an attack on a map in the following picture.

The Japanese designer took apart a DSLR shell and placed it on top of the case, so that it resembles a laser cannon. In other words, this is not all about modern warfare, but also about futuristic weapons.

Hiroto Ikeuchi’s soldiers are about to start World War III, if we are to think that the missile in the background is an intercontinental one and that it has a nuclear warhead.

A lot of towers have been constructed so that the soldiers can overview the entire area. After all, we wouldn’t want enemies to sabotage our secret weapons, would we?

The mechanical keyboard has also been occupied by the military. The scaffoldings even prevent the designer from typing properly.

To prove how talented he is, Hiroto also modded the USB hub.

After that, he proceeded to modding his USB 3.0 flash drives.

…and the mouse, which has been turned into an extremely good looking military vehicles. I’m not sure if it’s easy to use, but it surely looks great!

The heavy artillery USB flash drives can be used on laptops, too, as they don’t encumber typing.

The last image is of the motherboard, which is now filled with soldiers and military equipment.

According to Hiroto, building this case mod took the whole year of 2012, but considering how incredibly insane this case looks, I’d say his effort was worth it.

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