Girl Gets All Her 152 Facebook Friends Tattoed On Her Arm

Facebook surely has created a revolution of sorts, but part of that revolution also includes crazy stuff like sharing stuff that you shouldn’t be sharing, and being victims of stalkers.

Now, here is another crazy story about a girl who got all her 152 Facebook friends’ profile pics tattooed on her arm.

It took a painful four months for her to get these pictures tattooed on her skin. I understand that this was her way of saying that she appreciates and loves all her FB friends equally that she would ‘endure pain’ for them and always have them next to her, right on her arm. However, to take such an extreme step may not have been a great idea, and as you can see, her arm is filled with profile pictures of all her friends.

One must also know that one can easily ‘unfriend’ people on Facebook and if someone should unfriend her on Facebook, or if she has a fallout with any of the 152 friends that she has got tattooed on her arm, it could lead to a confusing situation. She might either hate and regret her decision of tattooing the profile pics, or try to get the tattoo altered and make it something else. perhaps when she deletes a friend or gets deleted by a friend, she would go ahead and get that part of the tattoo removed through expensive cosmetic procedures and fill the blank space with some hateful remarks about the person who used to be there in that particular place of her arm.

The girl is only known by her YouTube username, Susyj87. At the moment, it is not clear what her friends’ reaction would be to this tattoo, when she would tag all of them on Facebook. They may either feel embarrassed or flattered or just find it plain weird and ‘untag’ themselves. ¬†That would really suck for Susyj87. You could also take a look at other tattoos like the Farm Animals Tattoo in which they become butchers. The Star Wars Tattoo ain’t all that bad either and covers the entire back.

By the way: while this video has definitely gone viral, it has also been hailed as completely fake. Still, the hoax is definitely creative.