Minecraft Creator Launches Drop Game to Test Your Typing Speed

No matter how successful a game becomes, its creators need to create more in order to test their imagination and your skills.

At least that’s how it goes for Markus Persson, the creator of Minecraft, who has recently announced the development of a new game on Twitter, of all places. No one in their would ever contest the fact that Minecraft is a popular. However, Markus decided that it would be nice to try something different. The new game, called Drop, tests people typing accuracy.

The typing game can be played online here. There have been no details regarding a possible desktop version, but considering the number of people with Internet access and time to kill in their hands, I don’t think that’s really a problem. If you cannot play the game after accessing the link, you need to install the Unity web player, as this game is based on that platform.

The interface is rather simple. The current score and your best score are displayed in the upper left corner. The top right corner, on the other hand, includes a question mark that once pressed, takes you to the instructions of the game. By clicking on the lower-right corner you can turn the (headache-inducing) music on or off. The lower-left corner has something that looks very much like a command line interface with a blinking cursor. That’s where the typed words will appear, provided that you get the letters right.

Speaking of letters, these appear on a sectioned cube that’s inside of another sectioned cube and so on. Fortunately, the letters are displayed in such an order that they make words. Unfortunately, that’s not that easy. You have to press D to start playing. Each and every time, that is. At that point, you start typing the blinking letters, till you make a mistake. At that point, a random (I presume) word is displayed in red on the screen, in the lines of unloved, jealous, bitter, and so on.

What could happen to make you start over, you ask? Well, the game gets faster. A lot faster. That also happens as the game advances, but also when you enter a wrong letter. Getting more than four letter right grants you a bonus. If the blinking letter leaves the screen, it means you should spend more time using your keyboard (for typing actual words, not for gaming). In other words, it’s game over!

Drop is currently at version 1.4. It’ll be interesting to see if Markus will bring anything new to it in the future or if he’ll leave it like that. Either way, it really is something different from all the games we’re used to.

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