Minecraft King’s Landing Built by Avid Game of Thrones Fans

Creating building replicas out of LEGO bricks is yesterday’s thing, or at least that’s what the 100 Minecraft players who reproduced the entire King’s Landing from Game of Thrones seem to think.

Using LEGO bricks to build the 3,000 unique buildings that are part of this project at this level of detail would have required enormous amounts of money, whereas using Minecraft only required time. A lot of time, that is! More precisely, the WesterosCraft team required four months to put this together. What could I say, except that these four months seem to have been well spent?

Shortly after Will Blew and Jacob Granberry of WesterosCraft posted images of the Minecraft reproduction of King’s Landing on reddit, their server crashed. That should give them an idea about how many fans Game of Thrones (and why not, the entire A Song of Ice and Fire series) actually has in this world. After asking people to be patient (“Annnnnnnnnd you guys broke the server! Please be patient we’re working on keeping it up”), they fixed the problem and brought their creation under the spotlight, so that the millions of fans can admire it.

As Granberry declared in an email to Wired: “We are extremely happy with how King’s Landing turned out. It’s kind of our crowning achievement as a server, and we hope to surpass its magnificence one day in a future build!” That’s another way to say that they won’t stop here. And indeed they shouldn’t if they are that creative and are able to come up with such accurate reproductions.

The WesterosCraft team plans to create a Minecraft replica of the A Song of Ice and Fire world in its entirety. If that isn’t an ambitious project, I don’t know what it is! Hence, the King’s Landing Minecraft reproduction is a just a small part of a bigger concept. A small part that the team says that brought the percentage-of-completion to 70.

On the other hand, Blew added: “We’re super stoked by the response to our most recent renders. None of this would be possible without the support of our great community and obviously the builders in our team!”

I, for one, am anxious to see how this project is going to look like when it’s completed. The effort will surely get a lot of publicity, as did this reproduction, too. Thousands of scribes bloggers from all over the world will write about it, and I’ll be among them.

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