Incredible Thundercats Painting Time Lapse Video

How long did it take an artist to create this 6×11 feet painting featuring the Thundercats? No less than 1000 hours according to the creator, who decided that just painting this masterpiece (in our humble opinion) isn’t enough. He took 1500 pictures during those 1000 hours to document his creation, making a brilliant time-lapse video of the whole project.

“Soldiers of Thundera” took over 7 months to create, and it’s summed up in 150 seconds. And for the kicker, to leave you smiling when you finish watching the video, a cute stop motion animation was added just before the credits are cued.

For more of Robert Burden’s work, just go to his site. For more Thundercats? Watch the morning cartoons. A movie won’t be coming out anytime soon. If you want immediate satisfaction, you may want to take a look at this Thundercats cake or 25 more Thundercats designs, toys and gadgets.